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                                              Mililani Disaster Preparedness Team was established in  2018 to answer the question, “Does Mililani Town have a plan should a natural or manmade disaster occur?” Specifically, “What happens the next day should a disastrous event such as a Category 4 Hurricane hit the Island of Oahu?”My name is Braden Sakai, the founder of Mililani Disaster Preparedness. I have been a resident of Mililani for 46 years. I’m a military veteran who has served over 32 years in the USAF, HI Air National Guard, in which disaster preparedness was one of my top priorities Braden Sakai Bio. Wouldn’t you want to know that your family had the capability to be self sustaining during a disaster and that our community would work together until help could arrive? The Mililani Disaster Preparedness Team has laid the groundwork for a Mililani Community Emergency Plan (MCEP) to close that loop for the residents of Mililani Town. Click to view plan MCEP

The Development Team, Mililani residents, are all volunteers, who are putting in time to train, learn and give back to our community by developing a Community Emergency Plan specific to Mililani Town. The Mililani Disaster Preparedness “Team” includes all our Mililani residents who, by just being aware of Mililani Disaster Preparedness, being aware of the Plan when it is developed and their individual responsibilities (making an emergency kit) are all part of this Team.


The mission of MililaniDPT is to ensure every resident in Mililani is informed and armed to deal with disaster in our community. This goal is being accomplished by participating in Disaster Preparedness Fairs, inviting the community monthly at Rec centers, and going out to organizations in our town, to brief them on MililaniDPT and their agenda. We also communicating Via this website, Facebook, printed media such as MTA, Mililani Times and Civil Beat  and have done TV interviews on HawaiiNewsNow and Olelo Kukui Connection.
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 MililaniDPT  Initiatives

  • MililaniDPT currently consists of Mililani Town residents who will be responsible for developing the plan for Mililani. They are guided by City and County and are participating in the Hawaii Hazards Awareness and Resilience Program (HHARP).  hharplogo
  • The aim of the Hawaii Hazards Awareness and Resilience Program (HHARP) is to help communities prepare to be self-reliant during and after natural hazard events, improve their ability to take care of their own needs, and reduce the negative impacts of disasters.
  • MililaniDPT will also be participating in The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) . This program educates volunteers aboutcert disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. FEMA’s Community Emergency Response Team Program trains volunteers to prepare for the types of disasters that their community may face.

As Mililani DPT continues with awareness briefs, they will also bring in experts to bring knowledge to residents on the various ways to protect their homes and take care of their families and make available any manuals, DVD’s, books, etc., that will help in this effort.

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