Articles to Read

ARE WE READY? Read this Civil Beat Honolulu, Special Report, ARE WE READY?, a seven chapter series. Experts agree it’s only a matter of time until Oahu gets hit by a hurricane or tsunami. We examine the island’s vulnerabilities and what steps are being taken to make it more resilient.

Common Myths and Reasons to Prepare

What would happen if Iniki hit Oahu?

What Would Happen if a Category 4 Hurricane Hit Oahu? (Article in Honolulu Magazine, 2014)


Once you have read these articles, consider the following:

  1. Mililani has ‘No’ Disaster Preparedness Plan
  2. ‘You’ are on your own
  3. Expect anywhere from 1-4 weeks (or more, Category strength dependent), until help arrives.
  4. Mililani will be isolated from each other due to expected debris on the roads. Transportation may be impossible, difficult at best.
  5. Civil Disorder-Looting and acts of violence can be expected if no perceived plan is in place.

4 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for a Busy Hurricane Season in Hawai‘i







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