MililaniDPT offers information to Mililani residents at the Mililani Emergency Preparedness Fair sponsored by councilman Ron Menor.

Interview and appearance on, Olelo Channel 54, with Marilyn Lee, speaking about Mililanidpt and the Map Your Neighborhood-MYN Program.IMG_4734

MililaniDPT  connecting with residents at the recent Emergency Preparedness Fair at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church.

Recent Briefing on, ‘Map Your Neighborhood-MYN’

Special Guest Speaker, Dennis J. Hwang, one of the authors of Homeowner’s Handbook To Prepare For Natural Hazards, briefs homeowners on ways to take action to lower risk and damage to our homes during natural disasters.

Representative for a window protection option, briefs and demonstrates application of the product.

Invited to participate in a panel at the 2018 Primo Conference- Technology and Disaster Risk Reduction

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Briefing community members on
Mililani Disaster Preparedness Team


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