Preparedness Starts With You

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the chain of events that followed, could not have been something our Hawaii families would have been prepared for. It also reminds us, survival mode will kick in and people start to panic and hoard when it is believed such items could be depleted and/or access becomes limited. We have to keep in the forefront of our minds that during a Hurricane, families may have no access, and will not even be able to get to a store to purchase items. With Hurricane Season beginning in June, we want every family to be Prepared.

On Monday, June 22, 2020, a webinar, Talk Story with Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, was presented by Dave Lopez, Executive Officer HI-EMA. He gave an overview of Hawaii’s Infrastructure Vulnerabilities and what can be done to prepare for natural hazards. If you missed the opportunity, we  are sharing the recorded webinar for you to view.

Be 2 Weeks Ready with your Survival Kits (click link for information on how to build your 14 day Disaster Supply Kit)survival1

  • You may have already started with preparation during self quarantine and can add to your Survival Kits. Buy a little at a time- purchase a few extra items when you go to the store to add to your Kits. Remember the important life-sustaining items like food, water and medication.

Prepare your Homes (click link to Homeowner’s Handbook to Prepare for Natural Disasters)Screenshot (2)

  • Access Homeowner’s Handbook (above link) for ways to reinforce your homes
  • Start clearing overhanging foliage/trees/bushes and loose items in your yards that can be projectiles and damage property

Know Your Neighbors

  • If you don’t already know your neighbors, get to know them.neighbors2 Should a natural disaster like a Hurricane occur, you and your neighbors will be the first emergency responders as our State Emergency responders (Police, Ambulance, Fire Fighters) may be over burdened or may not be able to reach some communities right away. Know your neighbors and become self-reliant on one another until help can arrive.
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