DISASTER KIT Does your family know how to put together a Survival Kit? All our families should have a Survival Kit in their homessurvival1

FEMA -Independent Study Courses, Emergency Management courses

FLOOD INSURANCE No matter where you live within the State of Hawaii, we are all in a Flood Zone-It’s just that some of us are high probability flood zone area, some are in low probability flood zone area while others are in an undetermined flood zone area. To verify what flood zone area you live or work in, check out this website. “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.”

Screenshot (2)HANDBOOKS HomeownersHandbook-version-3.2The Homeowners Handbook provides useful tips regarding readiness for natural hazards that may affect Hawaii.

HAWAII HURRICANE REFUGE AREAS (previously known as SHELTERS) IMPORTANT CHANGE: In 2021, the City’s recently revised hurricane refuge area list includes 38-sites that could potentially open as public shelters in advance of a tropical cyclone. Utilizing available federal funding in 2020, the City undertook a program to evaluate over 200 existing buildings to determine which ones would be best suited as hurricane refuge areas.  The shelters on the 2021 list provide a safer option than remaining in areas prone to flooding, storm surge, or in older homes with wood frames or single-wall construction that do not perform well under tropical storm force winds.  DEM encourages those not in the before mentioned areas to shelter in place by retrofitting their homes.  (see link to Homeowners Handbook above)

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Shelter in place or evacuate

Potential Hurricane Refuge Area (

Department of Emergency Management (DEM) urges residents to review revised preparedness resources for Hurricane Season 2021


MYTHSCommon Myths and Reasons to Prepare



hharplogoMililaniDPT HHARP class videos – The aim of the Hawaii Hazards Awareness and Resilience Program (HHARP) is to help communities prepare to be self-reliant during and after natural hazard events, improve their ability to take care of their own needs, and reduce the negative impacts of disasters. The Mililani Disaster Preparedness Team is actively involved in HHARP classes that will benefit the community. If you would like to follow along with the classes, click the link to watch the videos.

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